Dataset metadata and data dictionaries

Dataset metadata

When sharing reports with coworkers or publishing online, it might be important to include metadata of the dataset, such as author, copyright holder or descriptions. pandas-profiling allows complementing a report with that information. Inspired by’s Dataset, the currently supported properties are description, creator, author, url, copyright_year and copyright_holder.

The following example shows how to generate a report with a description, copyright_holder copyright_year, creator and url. In the generated report, these properties are found in the Overview, under About.

report = df.profile_report(
    title="Masked data",
        "description": "This profiling report was generated using a sample of 5% of the original dataset.",
        "copyright_holder": "StataCorp LLC",
        "copyright_year": 2020,
        "url": "",


Column descriptions

In addition to providing dataset details, often users want to include column-specific descriptions when sharing reports with team members and stakeholders. pandas-profiling supports creating these descriptions, so that the report includes a built-in data dictionary. By default, the descriptions are presented in the Overview section of the report, next to each variable.

Generate a report with per-variable descriptions
profile = df.profile_report(
        "descriptions": {
            "files": "Files in the filesystem, # variable name: variable description",
            "datec": "Creation date",
            "datem": "Modification date",


Alternatively, column descriptions can be loaded from a JSON file:

       column name 1: column 1 definition,
       column name 2: column 2 definition
Generate a report with descriptions per variable from a JSON definitions file
import json
import pandas as pd
import pandas_profiling

definition_file = dataset_column_definition.json

# Read the variable descriptions
with open(definition_file, r) as f:
    definitions = json.load(f)

# By default, the descriptions are presented in the Overview section, next to each variable
report = df.profile_report(variable={"descriptions": definitions})

# We can disable showing the descriptions next to each variable
report = df.profile_report(
    variable={"descriptions": definitions}, show_variable_description=False