Plot functions for the profiling report.


cat_frequency_plot(config, data)

Generate category frequency plot to show category frequency.

correlation_matrix(config, data[, vmin])

Plot image of a matrix correlation.


Get the upper half of the color map


Dynamic label font sizes in correlation plots

histogram(config, series, bins[, date])

Plot an histogram of the data.

mini_histogram(config, series, bins[, date])

Plot a small (mini) histogram of the data.

scatter_complex(config, series)

Scatter plot (or hexbin plot) from a series of complex values

scatter_pairwise(config, series1, series2, ...)

Scatter plot (or hexbin plot) from two series

scatter_series(config, series[, x_label, ...])

Scatter plot (or hexbin plot) from one series of sequences with length 2